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IGDAS adopts an information policy that aims offering timely, accurate, absolute and comprehensible information to enlighten the public in an efficient, transparent and constant way. IGDAS aims to share its vision, targets, performance and expectations with the public, authorized institutions and stakeholders equally unless they are classified as confidential; creating an effective and open communication platform by declaring the company’s financial data in accordance with accountancy principles which are well accepted and within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC).

IGDAS aims to implement the most effective communication policy within the scope of Capital Market Board’s (CMB) Corporate Management Principles when public disclosure practices are concerned.

As cited in the Corporate Management Principles Compliance Report of IGDAS, top executives of IGDAS are responsible to prepare, implement and monitor the Information Policy. IGDAS carries out the Information Policy in line with Corporate Management Principles by providing necessary communication between related units.

IGDAS uses the following methods and instruments to bring the public disclosure and information policies to life within the framework of provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code:

  • IGDAS’ financial charts are prepared in accordance with the tax legislation and rules concerning accountancy standards and they are independently supervised by the International Supervision Standards and then they are presented to related institutions upon approval of the top executives. Financial charts and their footnotes are presented to the Ministry of Finance as of interim periods, and annual financial charts are presented to public institutions and related institutions after they are given approval by the General Assembly.
  • Independent audit reports are prepared in English and Turkish. Moreover, the Accounting Unit periodically prepares fact sheets or presentations and reports regarding financial data and ratios; distribute them to shareholders and directorates of units in a bid to provide better explanation of financial data. The charts and presentations are posted to those who demand them in the form of CD or e-mail.
  • The content of annual activity reports is prepared in accordance with international standards, the TCC legislation and CMB’s corporate management principles. The report approved by the Board of Directors is announced to the public via the website in Turkish and English. Moreover, the printed copies and copies prepared in the form of CD could be provided by Strategic Planning and Administration Systems Directorate.
  • www.igdas.com.tr includes detailed information, recent and previous data concerning IGDAS in Turkish and English on the Investor Relations pages of the institution’s website within the scope of Corporate Management Principles. Important headlines available on the website are as follows:

           1.General and detailed information on the area of activity and products
           2.Vision and main strategies
           3.Activity Report (Senior Management assessment)
           4.Within the scope of Corporate Management principles

            -Trade registry information

            -Company’s partnership structure

            -Board members

            -Audit Board members

            -Articles of Association

            -Corporate Management Principles Compliance Report

           6.Activity reports for current and past periods
           7.Periodical financial statement for current and past periods
           8.Frequently asked questions
           9.Press releases
          10.Detailed information on social responsibility

  • Website includes a form for the electronic bulletin to provide connection in the electronic media. Accordingly, it is ensured that stakeholders, who want to receive information about IGDAS, can have access to information and have continuous relations.
  • Pursuant to Turkish Commercial Code and our Articles of Association, announcements pertaining to the General Assembly, capital increase and profit sharing are made through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, mail, and e-mail.
  • IGDAS Corporate Communication provides printed, visual and electronic media with controlled news feed in accordance with the important developments throughout the year and the public is informed.  General Manager (or another authority), as the company spokesperson, makes a detailed and informative presentation on performance of the company and the developments to the press members invited, answers questions posed by correspondents during the press conferences to release information to the press and the public. Moreover, in line with various developments, the press may be presented with a written statement in a bid to provide the public with proper and controlled news feed. This may be accomplished through a press conference, depending on the nature of the events. Media’s questions or information demands concerning the company and various developments are taken under written review and given positive/negative responses.
  • All meeting requests of the stakeholders are accepted and meetings are held with the attendance of the highest possible level of representatives. Informative notes circulated to stakeholders via regularly updated website and online media enable stakeholders to monitor the developments in IGDAS closely.
  • Requests of questions received via phone, electronic mail, telefax, and similar communication instruments as soon as possible.