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Corporate Responsibility is considered as a management approach covering whole of the internal and external stakeholders in the reorganization of our business strategies and activities.

Sustainability of sources in our economic, environmental and social performances is our priority. Beneath our social performances with which we deal our economic and environmental performances lie the occupational health and safety, vocational training and development of our personnel, equal opportunity and diversity in our employment policies, legal conformity, and our corporate social responsibility projects. 

Our company acts sensitively towards all supported and pioneered social projects for the benefit of the environment, community and generally public. 

We are showing ultimate attention to compliance of the financed projects with the applicable legislation pertaining to environmental and public health. 

Our company has not so far been exposed to any accusation or sanction regarding environmental protection, nor has it ever been sued in connection therewith.

For the purpose of making contributions within the scope of social responsibility, our company has taken initiatives for recycling used papers.

In the business world, principal activities of almost all organizations may have negative effects on the environment and community at different levels. However, IGDAS’s positive effect on the environment and community has been continuing as long as it maintains uninterrupted natural gas supply as its principal activity. Moreover, IGDAS carries out activities to support corporate social responsibility awareness in line with strategic purpose of accomplishing a sustainable growth.

IGDAS ranked the 27th in the Accountability Rating assessment of Turkey’s top 50 private enterprises. IGDAS has never been sued concerning its ethical conduct.

Various information requests of citizens of Istanbul through temperature consultation, call center, and web are recorded and requests which are 100% responded constantly increase by years.

Our Environmental Responsibility:

Our company applies ISO 14001 Environmental Management System since 2004. Environmental performance is handled in two aspects as environmental performance of our product (natural gas) and our activities.

Environmental impact of our product is positive. As IGDAS commenced operations, air pollution of Istanbul dropped to beneath the targeted limit value that is set by Ministry of Environment and Forestry since 1994, and beneath WHO limit value target of IGDAS since 1995 in parallel with increase in the number of subscribers.

Even though population and traffic density of Istanbul is five times more of those in the city where European Quality Award winning gas company renders service, Istanbul’s air pollution data indicate an outstanding performance when compared to this city. Likewise, SO² rate of Istanbul shows this outstanding performance, as well, in comparison with cities around the world.

Environmental Performance of Our Activities: All environmental risks stemming from operations of IGDAS are assessed and necessary measures are taken within the scope of the  ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Figure 8b.13 is the summary of the environmental risks of our activities. All wastes are disposed through defined methods and the environmental performance in EMS and OHS Objective Module in accordance with the Waste Management Plan.

Non-hazardous waste: These wastes consist of excavation wastes from packaging wastes, mostly created in offices, and infrastructure activities. Packaging wastes have declined for ages thanks to the employee awareness activities. Particularly paper consumption has reduced as the digital document management and digital correspondence media are developed.

As for the excavation wastes, all wastes are sent by licenses vehicles to the permitted dump site detected by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Hazardous waste: Amount of hazardous waste decreases for years as a result of the improvement works for each hazardous waste. For instance, when refringent results are taken into consideration, it is seen that barrels containing THT, which is used as an odorant for natural gas, were releasing high amount of hazardous wastes. As closed circuit odorizing system was put into effect, THT barrels went out of use; therefore, its waste was cancelled and amount of hazardous wastes dramatically decreased. Likewise, increase in pressure within natural gas pipelines and SCADA system automatic pressure and flow control resulted in decrease in number of filthy filter and electrode wastes during maintenance of regulators in the region.

Some of our sponsorships are below:              

“Education Overcomes All Obstacles” Project Sponsorship

World Environment Day Events

Beyaz Ay Association, “Calendar for the Visually Handicapped” Sponsorship

Training on Safe Use of Natural Gas in Primary Schools

Natural Gas Safety and Saving Seminars in Districts

INGAS BALKAN Organization

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Turkey Energy Summit Sponsorship

12th International Energy Arena Sponsorship

Natural Gas Occupational Standards Book Sponsorship

2010 European Capital of Culture Clean Air Sponsor IGDAS Image Campaign

2nd National Energy Efficiency

20th Quality Congress

24th Consumers Summit

Energy Arena Sponsorship

ICCI 2011 Notifications Sponsorship

Turkey Energy Summit Gas Power Congress Exhibition,

Sponsorship of Advertising Competition among Universities

3rd National Energy Efficiency Sponsorship

21st Quality Congress Sponsorship,

Golden Compass (Altın Pusula) Sponsorship, European Corrosion Congress Sponsorship,

“Education Overcomes All Obstacles” Project Sponsorship

ICCI 2012 Sponsorship,

Turkish Energy Oscars Sponsorship,

3rd Turkey Energy Summit Congress and Sponsorship,