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1. It is essential to employ people with the necessary qualifications and the aptitude to improve and develop in accordance with the purposes and development goals of the company.
2. The company provides all its employees fair and equal opportunities in terms of employment conditions and self-development in accordance with their occupational knowledge and aptitude.
3. The company encourages its employees to work in cost-consciousness in accordance with the principles of efficiency and profitability in order to be able to realize its goals. It undertakes the necessary measures to ensure that the employees can easily communicate their views and ideas in this regard to the management
4. The company takes the necessary precautions to ensure that the employees develop amicable relations with their superiors and colleagues and that the peace is harmoniously maintained in the workplace. It provides a comfortable and safe working environment suitable to the nature of the work executed. 
5. The company encourages its personnel to succeed and supports the initiatives taken by its talented and successful employees. It rewards success.
6. The company notifies its employees about the issues that concern them in due time.
7. The company respects the personality of its employees and protects their rights. 
8. The company managers are responsible for ensuring that their staff is well equipped to execute their jobs efficiently and properly; that they possess the responsibility, work discipline and other attitudes and behaviors required by their jobs; and that the employees that will replace them in the case of promotion or severance are thoroughly trained.