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Cleaning the air of Istanbul and raising it to top ranks among metropolis within the frame of sustainable environment and sustainable urbanism objectives.

IGDAS Environmental Vision:
Turning into an environmental school by developing a model that can set example for all other institutions and organizations for Environmental Management System.

IGDAS Environmental Objectives:
Objectives which help us to accomplish our environmental objectives throughout our journey from the Environmental Mission to Vision are determined and carried out through the Strategic Plan.


As the gas distribution company of Istanbul, one of the most important cities of the world, we believe that clean air and a healthy, sustainable and most importantly, a livable environment should be created and protected in the best way for the people in the whole world as well as in Istanbul.

With this object in our minds, we have committed ourselves to fulfill the conditions of our Environmental Policy.

As Turkey’s longest-established and environmentalist natural gas distribution company which adopts a sustainable environment and sustainable urbanization perception, we commit to:

  • Welcome changes and improvements and be innovative while maintaining our sky-friendly perception without compromising comfort and quality, 
  • Contribute to the preparation of relevant environmental legislations, meet the obligations of the legislation primarily and realize improvements that will include social responsibility projects beyond the legal legislations when necessary,
  • Make “IGDAS-Sky Friendly" slogan permanent and reach “IGDAS-Nature Friendly" slogan, 
  • Assure that energy and natural resources are used in the most efficient way and provide savings,
  • Prevent environmental pollution by following technologic developments, reduce wastes in their source, include wastes in the recycling process and dispose of non-recyclable wastes without damaging the nature,
  • Constantly improve our environmental performance by reducing our environmental impact at the source,
  • Plan and apply measures that will minimize the environmental damages in case an environmental accident or an emergency may occur during our activities,
  • Organize trainings, activities and social responsibility projects by keeping communication channels open constantly to improve environmental consciousness and awareness of all of our stakeholders,
  • Improve our principle of protecting and developing the environment with all our stakeholders,
  • Collaborate with relevant institutions and organizations in works pertaining to the protection of the environment we live,
  • Designate our environmental objectives and goals within the scope of our Environmental Mission and Vision, review them and provide continuance of the system by allocating any kind of resources necessary to achieve these goals,
  • Reinforce the perception/understanding that “the place where comfort is offered alongside qualified service” recalls IGDAS and IGDAS means a clean, healthy and sustainable environment by assuring all of our stakeholders,

The issues above are our commitments.

This policy committed and implemented by IGDAS is open to the access of all stakeholders, public and third parties.