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Mehmet ÇEVİK
Born in Adana in 1955, Mehmet Çevik has been living in Istanbul since 1960. Çevik graduated in 1980 from the Department of Civil Engineering of Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy (currently Gazi University), and he obtained his master’s degree from Okan University’s Urban Transformation Program, with his thesis subject entitled “Question of Urban Transformation Strategy in Turkey”. Çevik has been doing his Ph.D on the same subject area.
Having started to work in 1980, Çevik engaged in the sworn office, management, engineering and contract businesses. Between 1999 and 2006, Mehmet Çevik worked at Beyoglu Municipality both as Vice Technical Officer and as member of the municipality council, while also serving as member of Istanbul no. 1 Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board and president of the Reconstruction Commission.

Conducting management and contract businesses for the private sector between 2006 and 2011, Çevik worked as General Manager at ISPARK – an establishment of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality – between 2011 and 2015.

On 5 September 2015, Çevik was appointed General Manager of IGDAS. He currently holds this position.

Çevik has been holding various positions at various non-governmental organizations: he is the founding president of Mimar Sinan Foundation and Car Park Operators’ Association, president of Mimar Sinan Association, member of the Board of Trustees at Archers’ Foundation, and as congress member of Fenerbahçe and Kasımpaşa sports clubs.

Married and father of 3, Çevik speaks English.