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What is Kolay Vezne (Easy Cahier’s Office)?

Kolay Vezne is a point of payment contracted out by the Garanti Bank, where you can easily pay your IGDAS bills.

By means of this system developed by the Garanti Bank, you can pay your natural gas bills at the POS terminals located at the Kolay Vezne establishments.

The Kolay Vezne network is quite extensive throughout Turkey and it is expanding even further every day.

To see the list of Kolay Vezne establishments, where you can pay your IGDAS bills, please click here >>


  • You can choose any one of the numerous establishments in the network to pay your bill. 
  • You can pay your bill during the opening hours of the establishment. 
  • You can pay your bill easily without waiting in cue. 
  • Most importantly, you can pay your bill in a fast and secure manner.

You can easily pay your bill even when you are out of Istanbul –for instance, for a long vacation.

Paying your IGDAS Bill in a Kolay Vezne:

You only need your installation number (e.g.: 26336350002) in order to pay your natural gas bill at a Kolay Vezne. You can pay in cash.

You can use the slip printed by the POS terminal as a document of payment. Your information will be transferred to the bank at the time of your transaction and IGDAS will be notified about your payment instantaneously or the next day.